Chalet 28

For 2 Adults et 2 kids.
Equipped with air conditionning and TV.

Total space of 39 m2, among which 11 m2 of terrace. This accomodation is able to host a family with 2 kis.
Room 1: 2 persons bed (1,40 X 1,90m - queen size).
Room 2 : 2 single beds (0,80 X 1,90m).
Living room/kitchen
Refridgerator "Table Top" 110 liters, Microwave, Coffee maker
Hot water. Shower and separated toilets.
chalet FABRE confort

Chalet 35

For 2 adults, 2 or 3 children or 2 couples in low season.
Equipped with air conditioning and television.
With a total surface of 47 m2, including 12 m2 terrace this rental can accommodate 2 couples or a family with 3 children.
Bedroom 1: Double bed (1.40 X 1.90m).
Bedroom 2: 2 bunk beds (0.80 X 1.90m) *.
Lower bed convertible into 2 single beds or 1 double bed
Living room / kitchen
Refrigerator with Freezer compartment, Microwave
Hot water. Shower room (shower, sink) W.C. separated.
* French regulations do not allow sleeping at height for children under 6 years.

chalet FABRE confort

Mobile Home

Mobile Home of 7.2 X 3 m. 4.5 x 2.5 m terrace
For 2 Adults, 2 Children (3 kids in some models)
Living room with kitchen
Parent bedroom: Double bed (1.40 X 1.90 m).
Children's room: 2 beds of 0.70 m.
Hot water.
Shower room and W.C. separated
chalet FABRE confort